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“Enabling the digital integration of farmers”

“Enabling the digital integration of farmers”
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Agricultural Machinery


Tarlam Cepte application was developed using more than 20 of Doktar’s API Services to provide agronomic support to its wide array of users. Using Tarlam Cepte, farmers can access up-to-date information and valuable resources tailored to their specific needs. From weather conditions to agricultural grants, market prices, and more, Tarlam Cepte ensures quick and easy access to essential data.

By subscribing to a small annual fee, users gain access to field-specific tracking capabilities. Farmers can define and monitor their cultivated land on an interactive map, receiving meteorological risk warnings through our early warning system. Satellite images enable regular monitoring of plant health in their fields. In addition, our service provides comprehensive reports on risks, drought, tractor, and pesticide usage, as well as aquaculture recommendations.

With the innovative "Ask an Expert" service, farmers can submit questions about tractor and crop production, accompanied by relevant photographs. Doktars panel of experts guarantees responses within 48 hours, providing valuable insights and advice.

Tarlam Cepte has achieved remarkable success by effectively enabling the digital integration of clients who own tractors, thereby expanding its user base to over 100,000 individuals.