• Doktar Exclusives

    The most advanced agricultural API services developed by Doktar.

    Doktar Exclusives consists of unmatched Artificial Intelligence tools unique to Doktar. The API Bundle offers cutting-edge technologies seamlessly integrated into your products and services. Doktar Exclusives Bundle includes:

    • Plant Health & Growth Tracking API: Monitor and track the health and growth of your crops in real-time, enabling data-driven decisions for optimal plant management.
    • What Grows in Our Region? API: Discover the 5 mostly planted crops around a field.
    • Automatic Problematic Zone Detection API: Identify problematic areas within your fields automatically, enabling targeted interventions and effective problem-solving.
    • Irrigation Recommendations and Water Stress Map API: Receive tailored irrigation recommendations based on plant needs and access a water stress map to optimize water usage and mitigate drought risks.
    • AI Assisted Yield Calculation (Corn) API: Leverage AI technology to accurately calculate corn yield, enabling precise planning and forecasting for your agricultural operations.
    • Field Comparison API: Compare the performance and productivity of different fields within your operation, facilitating data-driven decision-making and resource allocation.

    Please check out the Service Details page for each API to learn more. 

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How to purchase?

The FMS is available through Doktar's website and its own website. Contact us for detailed information and pricing options.