Filiz: Agricultural Sensor Station

Filiz is an IoT Sensor Station that monitors soil and weather conditions in your field. Our agricultural sensors measure soil temperature and soil moisture, offer tailored recommendations for optimizing irrigation, assess disease and frost risk, and determine the most appropriate spraying times. Deploy Filiz agriculture sensors to enable informed decisions on the field.

Why Choose Filiz?

A Smarter Approach to Crop Management with Agricultural Sensor Technology

No Antenna. No Cables.
No Antenna. No Cables.

Filiz is compact by design. The sensors for agricultural inputs are integrated, lacking any external antenna or cables that can be prone to damage from bad weather conditions or rodents. Your device stays intact, and nothing interrupts the data flow.


It takes only 10 minutes to set up Filiz, from unboxing to activation on the IoTrack app—no need for technical expertise. Filiz is hassle-free and has a battery life of three years.

Stay Connected and Have More Control
Stay Connected and Have More Control

Receive alerts on important issues such as disease risk or water stress and monitor field conditions from anywhere, anytime.

Topple Warning and Anti-Theft System
Topple Warning and Anti-Theft System

Filiz features topple and abnormal movement detection, enabling the device to alert users of any fall or unusual movements. This attribute ensures that the sensor is functions correctly and remains in its intended location, preventing any loss or damage.

An Integrated Experience
An Integrated Experience

Filiz comes with the IoTrack app, offering intuitive data visualization based on real-time ag sensor inputs, soil analysis, and expert agronomist support. Filiz also integrates with FMS, providing easy access to essential field data to optimize operations.

Data and Beyond
Data and Beyond

Filiz displays and processes data while providing actionable recommendations and agricultural warnings. Filiz excels at providing fungal disease warnings by calculating plant-specific disease risk according to soil temperature and moisture sensors, irrigation recommendations based on the phenological stage of crops and soil humidity, the appropriate times for spraying based on a combination of soil temperature data with hyper-local weather forecasts on IoTrack.


Filiz Mini
Filiz Pro
Installation & Setup Not Required Not Required Not Required
Calibration Pre-Calibrated Pre-Calibrated Pre-Calibrated
Air Temperature & Relative Humidity -
Soil Surface Temperature & Relative Humidity -
Soil Temperature & Moisture -
Wind Speed & Direction - -
Light Intensity - -
Precipitation - -
Dew Point
Leaf Wetness -
Chilling Hours -
Disease Models & Warnings
Spraying Suitability
Live Rain & Storm Tracking
Irrigation Reccomendation
Notifications & Alerts
GPS Tracking -
Topple Warning
Network Connection 2G & NB IoT/ LoRa 2G & NB IoT/ LoRa 2G & NB IoT/ LoRa
Power Lithium Metal Battery Lithium Metal Battery Lithium Metal Battery
Accessible On Web + Mobile App Web + Mobile App Web + Mobile App

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