Digitalizing Agriculture

Step into the age of data-driven agriculture! At Doktar, we develop AI and IoT solutions that help build a climate-resilient agricultural value chain and enable maximum yields worldwide by leveraging farming technology. We aim to integrate agricultural technology and help farmers make decisions based on real-time data for precision farming and smart agriculture. Start your agritech journey with Doktar, where farming meets high-tech!

  • Orbit
    Our Products

    Orbit: Field Scout for Farming

    Keep an Eye on Your Field

  • PestTrap
    Our Products

    PestTrap: Digital Pest Tracking Station 

    Detect Pests Before It’s Too Late

  • Filiz
    Our Products

    Filiz: Agricultural Sensor Station

    Know What Your Field Needs

  • CropMap
    Our Products

    CropMap: Digital Market Intelligence

    Agricultural Business Strategy Partner

  • FieldFlow
    Our Products

    FieldFlow: Farm Management System

    Farming Made Simple

  • SoilScanner
    Our Products

    SoilScanner: Digital Soil Analysis Device

    Fast, Simple, and Reliable Soil Analysis

  • FlowMeter
    Our Products

    FlowMeter: Optimize Water Usage with Precision

  • PestTrap Air
    Our Products

    PestTrap Air: Digital Pest Tracking Station 

    Detect Pests Before It’s Too Late

    Our Services
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    Integrated AI Models

    We provide solutions for satellite-based crop health monitoring, pest and disease management, resource efficiency, and market intelligence.

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    Agricultural API Marketplace

    Discover customized API solutions designed to meet all your business needs. Experience seamless API integration and management.

    About Us

    Committed to improving farmers' lives and addressing agriculture's environmental impact with cutting-edge technology, Doktar values efficiency and progress in the industry.

    “Transforming agriculture for a healthier, sustainable, and tastier world.”

    Our References

    “Thanks to PestTrap I can now digitally track pests in my field before they become a problem. From the first moment I started using the device, I thought it was very innovative. ”

    Lorena Fernandes

    Lorena Fernandes

    Vineyard Owner
    Segovia, Spain

    “Filiz's precipitation estimation and disease prevention recommendations helped us achieve higher crop yields by applying pesticides in advance. ”

    Marcel Ionescu

    Marcel Ionescu

    Executive Director at Agricloud

    “We achieved a significant reduction in water consumption with Filiz.”

    Ceylan Karaoğlan

    Ceylan Karaoğlan

    Izmir, Turkey

    “I determine the parcels that need water through Orbit without field visits.”

    Tacettin Özcan

    Tacettin Özcan

    Yozgat, Turkey

    “Orbit detected a yellow area in my cornfield that had slow growth due to inadequate irrigation. When I checked the spot, I saw a burst water pipe disrupting the irrigation. Thanks to Orbit, I detected the problem early and saved my crops. ”

    Muhammet Abo

    Muhammet Abo

    Adana, Turkey

    “During hot weather days, I relied on the irrigation warnings provided by Filiz to irrigate my crops, which prevented water stress and ensured healthy plant growth.”

    Adem Ocak

    Adem Ocak

    Konya, Turkey

    “I followed Filiz's irrigation recommendations and achieved an 18% reduction in water usage and irrigation costs compared to previous years.”

    Emre Yağlıkara

    Emre Yağlıkara

    Ankara, Turkey

    Lorena Fernandes
    Marcel Ionescu
    Ceylan Karaoğlan
    Tacettin Özcan
    Muhammet Abo
    Adem Ocak
    Emre Yağlıkara
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