• Agronomy Services

    Agronomy Services

    Our agronomy services incorporate advanced technology to help optimize crop yield and reduce costs. We provide services for disease risk assessment, irrigation scheduling, fertilization planning, and digital soil analysis, all specific to the crop type and phenological stage. We offer highly accurate and reliable results by utilizing hyper-local weather forecasts, soil analysis, and remote sensing technology, providing users with customized recommendations for optimal input use.

    Agronomy Services
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    Irrigation Recommendations

    Prepare an irrigation schedule based on plant phenological stage, water requirement, water consumption, and hyper-local weather forecasts.

    Disease Risk Status Early Warning System

    Get disease risk status specific to crop type and phenological stage. Prevent unnecessary input use and accurate spraying strategy.

    Fertilization Recommendations
    Fertilization Recommendations

    Receive a fertilization program tailored to your crop type and digital soil analysis device.

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