• Meteorological Services

    Meteorological Services

    Our meteorology services provide weather data and forecasts for any location worldwide, live maps to track precipitation and storm clouds, field-specific suitable spraying hours, and soil condition indicators for tractor use. Our services help farmers plan and optimize activities, prevent unnecessary input usage, and avoid adverse conditions. Come rain or shine, Doktar has the farmers’ back!

    Meteorological Services
  • Meteorological Services IconMeteorological Services
    Weather Forecasts

    Weather data and forecasts are made available for any location worldwide.

    Live Precipitation and Storm Tracking

    Confidently plan the day according to the upcoming rain or storm.

    Suitable Spraying Hours

    Optimize spraying strategies and find the best times to apply agricultural chemicals.

    Tractor Use Suitability

    Learn whether the soil conditions in your field are suitable for tractors.

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