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“Chosen as the best project of 2022 by Türkiye Bilişim Foundation”

“Chosen as the best project of 2022 by Türkiye Bilişim Foundation”

Izmir, Turkey






Doktar has partnered with the İzmir municipality to develop a mobile application that caters to the needs of agricultural producers in Izmir. Through our various API Services, the application enables users to receive professional agricultural support by analyzing satellite imaging systems. It allows producers to remotely monitor the status of their fields and make informed decisions regarding spraying, fertilization, irrigation, and cultivation. Additionally, the application provides a platform for producers to showcase their products and connect with potential buyers.a


Through our partnership with the municipality of Izmir, we aim to accelerate the digital transformation of agricultural production. By providing instant access to crucial data for producers in Izmir Province, we strive to minimize production losses and costs, thereby enhancing the efficiency of agricultural practices.


Our mobile application enables coordinated production in the city of Izmir. Producers can monitor their production in real-time, while also tracking factors such as yield, pesticide usage, and fertilizer application based on data-driven insights.


The successful completion of this project has led to the development of the İzmir Agriculture Mobile Application and Management Panel. This comprehensive solution offers free agricultural production support to all producers, empowering them to make informed decisions. Our institution provides ongoing assistance through the Management Panel, allowing producers to closely monitor and manage their production activities.