Sustainable Future

At Doktar, we're passionate about creating a resilient agricultural value chain that benefits the planet and its people.
We deploy cutting-edge technology and offer optimized solutions that guide the cultural shift toward data-backed ag production and help mitigate the effects of climate change.  

We build Climate and Sustainability Initiatives with like-minded partners who share our dedication to refining food systems and addressing the environmental impacts of agriculture. Our commitment centers around a two-step purpose:

Empower Farmers & Maximize Yields Sustainably

We consider three key sustainability targets as stepping-stones:

Water Replenishment
Water Replenishment
  • Water Consumption Reduction
  • Water Capture
  • Farmer Capability Development
Carbon Management
Carbon Management
  • Reduce Carbon Emissions
  • Increase Carbon Sequestration
Regenerative Agriculture
Regenerative Agriculture
  • Soil Analysis & Organo-Mineral Fertilization
  • Reduce Fertilizer Use
  • Improve Soil & Soil Health
  • Increase Biodiversity
Climate & Sustainability Initiatives
  • Data as Foundation
    Data as Foundation

    We assess the regional environment, gather baseline data on critical factors such as soil health and irrigation, set goals accordingly, and offer technological solutions.

  • Holistic Methodology
    Holistic Methodology

    We offer project management services for stakeholder relations and farmer engagement. We connect with farmers, provide digital and financial literacy training, and promote regenerative agriculture.

  • Digital Transparency
    Digital Transparency

    We ensure transparency through a digital platform for monitoring data and generating progress reports. We maintain Social & Environmental Standards (SEE) and work with external auditors for Social Impact Assessments.

Who We Work With
Contact Us to Collaborate

If you are seeking a strategic partner to develop initiatives that achieve climate targets, we invite you to reach out to us. We are committed to collaborating with partners to build resilient and sustainable agricultural value chains. Let us discuss how we can work together to address the challenges of today and create a more sustainable future.

Doktar’s Social Impact

At Doktar, we are committed to creating a positive social impact through sustainable and innovative solutions that address the most pressing challenges in agriculture, such as food security, climate change, and rural development.

We work with third-party auditors to undertake social and environmental impact assessments of our operations. Doktar is well positioned to digitalize agriculture globally with its certified* value proposition.


Increase in yields


Reduction in fertilizer use


Reduction in pesticide use


Reduction in fuel consumption


Reduction in irrigation