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“Supporting more than 5000 farmers with the aim of increasing the productivity and welfare of farmers in Turkey.  ”

“Supporting more than 5000 farmers with the aim of increasing the productivity and welfare of farmers in Turkey.  ”
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Istanbul, Turkey





As a global food corporation that provides food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services, Cargill aims to support social and digital transformation in agriculture, while promoting sustainable agricultural practices.  As the implementation partner, Doktar supports over 1000 farmers each year by offering assistance for sustainable agricultural practices through digital agricultural tools, comprehensive training sessions, remote and onsite agronomy support. 



The 1000 Farmers Endless Prosperity started in 2019 and supports more than 5000 in total with the aim of increasing the productivity and welfare of farmers in Turkey. 



Doktar is the implementation partner for 1000 Farmers Endless Prosperity, providing a holistic methodology including technology deployment, farmer relations management and farmer empowerment, data-based irrigation and fertilization pattern development. 


  • Training: 

Doktar has conducted a variety of trainings within the scope of the program including Sustainable Agriculture, Digital Agriculture Tools and Implementations, Financial Literacy, Zero Waste Management in the Field, Digital Agricultural Market Occupational Health and Safety in The Field, Electronic Warehouse Receipt & Licensed Warehousing and Carbon Study. 


  • Digital Tools: 

At the beginning of the program, before the sowing period, Doktar agronomists visit farmers in their fields to analyze soil constituents with the digital soil analysis device, which provides results in less than 10 minutes. Based on the analysis, a reliable fertilization recommendation is made. 

Farmers are then given two digital devices: the agricultural sensor station Filiz and the digital pest tracking station PestTrap. Filiz monitors real-time air and soil temperature and humidity, allowing for effective irrigation and spraying decisions tailored to specific fields and crops through a mobile app. PestTrap uses machine learning to identify and count pests in real-time, helps optimize yields, and reduces the economic impact of pest-related crop damage. 

Additionally, farmers have access to our field-scouting app, Orbit, which enables them to monitor the health of their fields via satellites and reduce physical visits to the field, thus optimizing input use.   


Outline & Results


  • The 1000 Farmers Endless Prosperity entered its fifth year with 5,000 farmers cultivating corn, sunflower, and canola across 19 provinces. .  
  • Cargill has provided more than 1000 farmers with extensive training opportunities through the program, with over 80 hours of both in-class and online instruction by the end of 2022. These trainings had a significant impact, reaching an area of more than 50,000 hectares, equivalent to 80,000 football fields. 
  • Soil analysis was conducted for more than 5000 farmers.  
  • 88 agricultural sensor stations and 17 PestTraps were installed.
  • Satellite field monitoring was conducted fot more than 4800 hectares of land. 


Social Return on Investment Scores 

The Social Return on Investment (SROI) measures the social, environmental, and economic value created by a business or project. The social value created is calculated in relation to the cost of an intervention. Every 1 TL investment made in the program provided a social return of the following for each year: 

2019:  2,53  TL

2020:  2,78  TL

2021:  3,03  TL

2022: 3,23   TL 




This program is the first of its kind in Turkey to conduct social impact research and measurement in the agriculture and food sector as part of its corporate social responsibility efforts. It is also the first agriculture and food program to have a Progress Report, the second of which will be published this year and includes over 30 stakeholder opinions.


To Find Out More About the Program: Homepage - 1000 Çiftci 1000 Bereket 



  • Up to 21% Yield Increase in 2019

  • Up to 26% Yield Increase in 2020

  • Up to 23% Yield Increase in 2021

  • Up to 20% yield increase in 2022