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“Striving to replenish 8.960 million liters of water by 2030”

“Striving to replenish 8.960 million liters of water by 2030”

Istanbul, Turkey






To address the water consumption of its production facilities, The Coca-Cola Company is running two ongoing water replenishment programs in two different locations: Kestel, Bursa & Tekirdağ, Çorlu.



The Water Replenishment programs aim to reduce water consumption with informed irrigation and to increase water capture through rainwater harvesting by helping the digital transformation of farmers.


Outcome & Results: 

Doktar has been managing these programs on behalf of Coca-Cola and has taken an active role in the preparation, activation, installation, management & reporting of the programs.

Using our wide farmer network, we have recruited farmers to participate in the programs and held farmer capability training to understand current irrigation practices and build new irrigation models by implementing technology. Monthly farmer meetings are conducted to address farmers’ needs and evaluate the program’s progress. Farmer accounts are setup on Doktar’s GIS Database to track data and provide progress reports.


In Kestel 

  • Digital monitoring has consisted of:
    •  Conducting 100 Soil Analyses with the Digital Soil Analysis Device
    • Deploying 44 Filiz Agricultural Sensor Stations that monitor 47,2 hectares.
    • Monitoring soil moisture and evapotranspiration via Satellites for 100 orchards and fields.
  • 22 hectares of drip irrigation system has been installed.
  • An artificial reservoir of approximately 1600 m3 has been constructed by partnering with 3rd party contractors. Monthly water collection in the reservoir is monitored with sensors and the captured water volume is reported monthly
  • To successfully complete the digital transformation of farmers’ continuous communication channels have been activated via Whatsapp Groups and Technical Support.

In Çorlu:

  • Digital monitoring has consisted of:
    • Conducting 64 Soil Analyses
    • Deploying 21 Filiz Agricultural Sensor Stations
    • Monitoring evapotranspiration via satellites for 64 orchards and fields
  •  Contour Site Construction has been constructed for water capture.
  • Educational programs have been conducted to implement regenerative agricultural practices.



The Coca-Cola Water Replenishment programs aim to replenish 8900 million liters of water by 2030.

  • The program in Kestel aims to replenish 530 million tons of water by the end of 2023.

  • The program in Çorlu aims to replenish 4300 million tons of water by the end of 2023.