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What is Orbit?

Orbit is a satellite-backed mobile application providing daily satellite images and maps of fields. Users can monitor crop health and growth without field visits as well as improving the efficiency of field inspections.

How does Orbit benefits?

Users can monitor their crop's health and growth, detect low-performance zones for efficient field inspections, take remedial and/or protector precautions in these zones, and observe these activities' outcomes using Orbit's maps. Diseases, nutrition deficiencies, pests damages, irrigation channel congestions and more can be detected during the season. Thus, input costs can be reduced without the unnecessary field applications (spraying, irrigation, fertilization, etc.).

Orbit is beneficial for taking more accurate decisions, and not missing even minor problems. When it is considered a problem in a region, it is recommended to make a field visit to the relevant region without losing time and taking precautions/actions by detecting the problem.

Orbit provides 5-days weather forecasts, live rain and storm maps with alerts. Also, users can get agricultural and technical support from Doktar's Agricultural Engineers 7/24.

Who can use Orbit?

Orbit can be used by farmers, agri-businesses, agri-food players (FMCG companies procuring crops for food processing), agri-input players (seed, crop protection, and fertilizer companies) and public institutions.

Both individual farmers and corporate agri-teams can monitor fields day-by-day without field visits, detect problematic spots earlier without missing them, reduce ag inputs and costs, increase the efficiency of field inspections and field operations management via Orbit.

Does Orbit require payment?

Yes, Orbit is a paid app with monthly and yearly subscriptions. Both subscriptions have various contents and prices. Users can subscribe to any subscription whenever they want.

Is there a trial?

Yes. Users, who download the app for the first time, can try it 7-days for free, and there is no charge during this period. Users will be charged if the subscription is not cancelled after 7-days. Users will not be charged if the subscription is canceled within 7-days.

Trial is valid for users who download the app and register for the first time. Trial is not available for every time.

How to purchase?

You can download Orbit - Crop Health Monitoring mobile app from Play Store and App Store. Following the registration, you can select the proper subscription from the Subscriptions page and start using it.

In order to decide on a proper subscription, you can contact us from the Contact Us page, via the +90 850 433 6477 number, or with the email

Which subscription should be preferred?

Orbit includes 3 subscriptions independent from the period and area. In order to find the proper one, the need must be determined first.

  • Basic Subscription has the least features. It provides medium resolution (10m) imagery and just one type of map.
  • Premium Subscription includes all features and maps. It provides medium resolution (10m) imagery.
  • Pro Subscription includes all features and maps. It provides high resolution (3m) imagery. It is recommended to use Pro Subscription to avoid missing even minor problems.

You can learn more about subscriptions from Subscriptions page in the main menu. Please contact us through the Contact Us on the main menu to ask your questions and find the proper subscription.

How to get satellite images?

In order to access satellite images of a field, the user have to be subscribed, field location must be saved, and the field must be activated first.

To access satellite images, follow the steps below:
At first, the subscription should be done. Detailed information on how to buy a subscription can be found in "How to buy?".
Then, fields should be added by precisely detecting the field's boundaries via the + button on the screen and filling in the necessary information to define the field locations in the application. There is no limit on the size and number of fields during registration.
Finally, the field monitoring service should be started by activating the fields via the "Activate" button below the field names in the Field List.

What should be done if the satellite images are not available?

If satellite images and maps of a field are not available, it may be caused by one of the followings:

  • The subscription may not have been purchased. Please check "How to buy?".
  • The subscription may have been completed, but the field has not been activated. Please check "How to access satellite images?".
  • The area quota of the subscription may have been insufficient. Subscriptions are area-based, and only the satellite images of the purchased area can be monitored in Orbit. The purchased area quota reduces by the field activation. If the area of ​​a field to be activated is greater than the remaining quota, it cannot be monitored.

In order to avoid from area limitations, it is recommended to save all fields that will be monitored before purchasing a subscription. Thus, the application will suggest you the appropriate subscriptions during purchasing according to the total field area.

If there is a different problem, please contact us via the "Contact Us" in the menu.

How the subscription cancellation works?

Users can cancel their subscription at any time. Users who cancel their subscription can continue to use the service until the subscription renewal date. A new subscription is not started on the subscription renewal date, and the user is not charged for the fee.

For example, a user, who subscribes monthly on 1 June 2020, will renew their subscription on 1 July 2020. If the user cancels their subscription before 1 July 2020, the service continues until 1 July 2020, and the user can continue to use Orbit. On 1 July 2020, the monthly subscription will not be renewed, and no fees will be charged for the new subscription period.

Is Orbit proper for small-scale fields?

Yes. It is recommended to use Pro Subscription in order to get the highest benefit from the application. For detailed information about the advantages of Pro Subscription, please visit the section "Which subscription should be preferred?".

Is it possible to access the same data for several users or devices?

All the information in the Orbit are private for the user. Your field team/agricultural engineers who want to use this information can access the data by logging in with your user information. 

When you log in from non-personal or public devices, you should log out after using. Otherwise, anyone who has access to the device can reach your information in the app. In this case, the user will be the only responsible.

What is Digital Guide?

It is a guide that explains how to use the application. The app features and where to access them are available on Digital Guide's tour.

Digital Guide appears only after registration and subscription in order to not bothering you. It is possible to access the Digital Guide from the menu at any time.

What is the technology used in Orbit?

Orbit uses Remote Sensing technology. Remote Sensing is collecting information about an object without being in contact. Images taken from satellites and photographs taken by manned or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, Drones, etc.) are the most common remote sensing data samples.

How does Remote Sensing benefits the agriculture?

Remote Sensing technology is commonly used in agriculture, especially in recent years. In this way, farmers, producers, and all agricultural production stakeholders can monitor their fields remotely and take early actions without field visits. This prevents losses caused by delayed actions.

The integration of Remote Sensing into agriculture provides a chance for data accumulation. Thus, it is possible to collect a huge amount of data, process them with machines, and support informed decisions by converting the data into information. Informed decisions prevent crop and yield losses.

What are the principles of Satellite Remote Sensing?

Satellite images can be acquired in 2 ways: passive and active. Orbit provides images and maps of passive sensors.

Passive sensors utilize sunlight. Sunlight carries several wavelengths that cannot be distinguished by humans. Remote sensing sensors, designed to acquire images from the earth, are able to distinguish some of these wavelengths. Various objects on earth, such as forests, buildings, water lands, plants, and even tomatoes, corn, cotton, and different agricultural products, reflect the sunlight. Following the acquisition, the reflected light is processed and converted into satellite images. Different objects can be distinguished from each other, even diseased and healthy plants, by processing these images. Although image processing is challenging, emerging technologies make it easier. Passive acquisition is affected by the atmosphere, especially from clouds and haze. Therefore, clouds may be seen in satellite images on cloudy days, and any information cannot be obtained from the surface.

In summary, each object on the earth reflects its unique features; remote sensing technology detects and processes them to provide information.

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