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Farm Management System
What is Farm Management System?

Farm Management System is a software that allows to record and manage agricultural operations with numbers and makes it easier to track, interpret and take action on data obtained from agricultural technologies.

Why Farm Management System should be used?

Enterprises that manage their farm in the same manner as a business and that invest in the future; records all their operations from tillage practices to harvesting as well as the cost, time and workload input of these operations. In advance to recording and analyzing these data, Farm Management System aims to plan all the operations of next seasons by achieving the highest profit with the lowest cost.

What is the content of the Farm Management System?

The system consists of 4 main parts; Agricultural Command, Fields, Inventory and Market Prices which includes operational works, assets (labor, machinery, equipment, fertilizer, seed, etc.), costs, agricultural crops, market prices, inventory status, data obtained from the agricultural technologies and the decisions based on these data.

Agricultural Command contains the fields associated to the enterprise, location maps of the agricultural technologies used in these fields, operation plans specific to the field (such as spraying times or assignment of an employee), operation warnings (reminders for due dates), activity notes, breakdown of assets (labor, machinery, equipment, fertilizer, seed, etc.), employment information, and crop calendar specified under fields.


Fields section contains detailed information about each crop field including cultivated crops, planting and harvest dates, growing degree-day values, hourly weather conditions, crop calendar, soil test report, field images as well as data from agricultural technologies, such as agricultural sensor station and satellite technology.


Inventory part consists of 3 parts; Implements, Personnel and Inputs. Implements holds the list of equipment that the enterprise has (plow, tractor, etc.) and all the details of each equipment. Personnel section includes the responsibilities and costs of employees. Inputs is the section where the cost, amount, date of purchase and usage status of inputs (pesticides, fertilizers, seeds etc.) are recorded. 

Market Prices allows to closely examine the market in order to make the best decisions in purchasing inputs and selling crops. It holds the local market and stock market prices specific to the product, input prices such as fertilizer and fuel, as well as the support that the state will provide to the crop grown in the field.

Who uses the Farm Management System?

Enterprises that want to follow agricultural production contracts, medium and large-scale farmers and agricultural businesses that want to report their activities to their investors.

Does Farm Management System have a mobile app?

Farm Management System is available through mobile or web, at any time. More than one account can be logged in to the system to monitor the activities.

What is the minimum business size that can get the service?

The minimum recommended business size for the Farm Management System is 100 decares. The system provides convenience for large and segmented farmlands.

What crops is it used for?

Farm Management System is used for crops that are significant for agriculture in Turkey. Doktar database consists of 117 plants including wheat, barley, sunflower, corn, tomatoes, oranges and lemon. According to user needs, additional to the existing database, new crops are recorded.

Which languages ​​are supported?

Farm Management System is available in 2 languages, Turkish and English. Also, it is possible to integrate different languages to the system, according to customer needs.

How is Farm Management System purchased?

Please contact us at 0850 433 6477 or to purchase Farm Management System.

Is there a trial account?

Please contact us at 0850 433 6477 or to experience Farm Management System.

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