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What is Digital Pheromone Trap and what are its benefits?

The Digital Pheromone Trap is a delta-type camera trap used for monitoring the population density of pests. It helps farmers to detect and track pests remotely, plan field visits at the required frequency and make effective spraying decisions by determining the economic loss treshold.

Which pests can I use it for?

The Digital Pheromone Trap is used for all pests that have pheromone lures, such as European grapevine moth (Lobesia botrana) in vineyards, cotton bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera) in cotton fields or tomato moth (Tuta absoluta) in tomato fields. During one season, you can switch the pheromone lure and use the device for tracking as many different pests as you prefer.

How does the Digital Pheromone trap determine the number of pests captured?

The images captured with the Digital Pheromone Trap are transmitted to Doktar's database right away. The images delivered to Doktar's database are processed with machine learning-based image processing algorithms, recognizing and counting the pest species of interest, allowing you to track and compare the population density from one day to the other.

Which data can I collect with Digital Pheromone Trap?

The Digital Pheromone Trap measures the hourly air temperature and relative humidity, as well as the battery charge status and the network signal level. It includes a sensor to be aware of situations such as theft and accidents. Users can access this information via the mobile application.

What is the frequency of the images collected with Digital Pheromone Trap?

The Digital Pheromone Trap takes images of the glued trap sheet placed inside it twice a day and sends it to the Doktar's database.

How many decares are represented with one Digital Pheromone Trap?

The suggested number of traps to be used is determined according to the variables such as crop, geographical region and pest species. As Doktar's Agricultural Team, we assist you in each step including determination of the number of traps you shall use or where to install the device in your field.

What else do I get when I buy a Digital Pheromone Trap?

The box includes 1 Digital Pheromone Trap, 1 solar panel and connection cable.

How does it work?

Via its integrated SIM card and communication module, the device establishes an Internet connection through 2G, 3G or 4G networks and transmits the collected data to Doktar's database.

How do I install the device?

First, choose the best spot in your field to install your device. (see: Where should I place the device?)

You can place the device on a platform at the height you want, hang it on the branch of your fruit trees or on a pole. Place the solar panel on a pole and connect the other end of the connection cable to the device. Activate the trap by pressing the button on the device. For best battery performance, make sure the solar panel is not in the shade of trees or plants.

How does the device meet its electricity needs?

The Digital Pheromone Trap works with its solar panel specifically designed for it to perform at its best. Thanks to the rechargeable batteries installed in the device, it continues to function perfectly even on cloudy days.

How do I display the data collected by the device?

The collected data can be displayed via its mobile application PestTrapp or our web platform Farm Management System.

Where should I place the device?

The Digital Pheromone Trap is used for detecting population density of pests in fields and orchards. One will get the best and most effective results when the trap is placed in the area that represents the field or orchard the best. The best spot to place the device varies depending on the location of the land, the crop type or the pest species of interest. As Doktar's agricultural team, we assist you at every stage in order to help you make the right decisions in line with the information we receive from you.

What are the dimensions of the device?

Digital Pheromone Trap is 22x24x26 cm in size. Compatible with 20x20 cm adhesive trays.

Which adhesive trays is the Digital Pheromone Trap compatible with?

The Digital Pheromone Trap is compatible with 20x20 cm adhesive trays. For the best image processing results, we recommend using it with adhesive trays approved by Doktar.

What are the Digital Pheromone Trap color options?

We can produce the Digital Pheromone Trap in any color you want. Please contact us for your special color needs.

What is the camera resolution?

The 5MP integrated camera of the Digital Pheromone Trap has a maximum resolution of 2592x1944.

Which internet network does the device use?

It establishes an Internet connection with 2G, 3G and 4G.

What should I do if there's no recent data?

In rare cases, data flow may be interrupted due to the mobile network connection. This does not mean that the collected images and data will be lost. In this case, the device stores the collected images and data in its memory for up to 24 hours and transfers it to Doktar's database when the network connection is established, so you will not experience data loss. You can contact us for connection problems longer than 24 hours.

How much does it cost and how can I purchase?

You can contact us at or +90 850 433 6477 by pressing 9 after dialing for English.

How long is the purchasing period and the delivery time?

The device will be delivered to the address you specified by cargo, at the latest 1 week after the day you purchased it. International delivery times vary depending on the destination country, so we recommend you to ask in advance for the estimated delivery times.

Is Digital Pheromone Trap used in greenhouses and storage areas?

Yes. The Digital Pheromone Trap can be used anywhere with a mobile internet connection.

How do I use the Digital Pheromone Trap in places with no access to sunlight?

You can use the device in indoor environments such as grain storage areas by charging it or connecting it to an outlet with its charging adapter supplied specially instead of a solar panel.

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